India has emerged as the world’s number one, along with United States, in annual solar power generations. Solar energy is a form of energy which is widely available in abundance and has many different uses. Energy provided by sun in 1 hour, if measured; is equivalent to energy consumed on earth in one whole year. And for this reason, there is ample opportunity to work and use this energy in comparison to any other form. Solar cells are the devices that take the sun light energy as input and convert it into electrical energy.

We have lowered our cost of energy through value engineering, operational performance monitoring and efficient financial strategy. This allows us to bring cost-effective energy for our customers. We are having an in-house EPC expertise which lowers system costs and even our advance in-house operations and maintenance team’s capability allows us to increase power yields and also monitor project performance near real-time. We are attached with our efficient financial strategy, Solar Project Consultant, Solar Electricity Rooftop Solutions, Solar Tile Roof Mounting to offer low-cost solar power solutions at high efficiency yields.

KRISHNA COTTAN-60kw, Residential Rooftop Solar Solutions KRISHNA COTTAN-60kw-1 KRISHNA COTTAN-60kw-1

Our expert professionals supervise the entire development and operation process, while providing the customer with long term fixed price PPAs, as a result of solar not being the subject to variable commodity prices. We are mainly focused on high engineering standards and asset quality which ensures the high levels of availability and service to our customers.

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