India’s One the Best Hybrid Solar Plant Projects

Hybrid system, as the name implies, combine two or more modes of electricity generation together, usually using renewable technologies such as solar photovoltaic (PV), Hybrid Solar plant Projects and wide turbines. Hybrid System provide a high level of energy security through the mix of generation methods, and often will incorporate a storage system (battery, fuel cell) or small fossil fueled generator to ensure maximum supply reliability and security.

Hybrid renewable energy systems are becoming popular as stand-alone power systems for providing electricity in remote areas due to advances in renewable energy technologies and subsequent rise in prices of petroleum products. A hybrid energy system, or hybrid power, usually consists of two or more renewable energy sources used together to provide increased system efficiency as well as greater balance in energy supply.

Most of us already know how a solar/wind/biomass power generating system works, but, all these generating systems have drawbacks of some kind. Solar panels, for example, are expensive to set up, and are peak output is not obtained during the night or cloudy days. Similarly, Wind turbines can’t operate safely in high wind speeds, and low wind speeds produce little power. Biomass plants collapse at low temperatures.

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